Each member of this fantasy quartet represents the "typical" lead, bass, baritone and tenor. Let me introduce the quartet.

From left to right:

LIL is our LEAD....of course she has the pizazz to carry off her eye catching costume. As a lead, she has the confidence to be the leader of this quartet in a meaningful interpretation of every song.

Next to Lil is BERNIE, our BASS. She relishes her responsibility in providing the basis for each chord this group rings. She is strong and emanates this strength in her voice and personality.

The BARITONE, BONNIE, is the gal with the tilted head. Her eyes search the others' faces for interpretive clues and she listens closely to match the timbre of her fellow members.

The little gal on the right is TANYA, who sings TENOR. She appears to be in bliss as she enjoys the airy light sound her voice adds to the total effect. Her voice rises high above those of her fellow performers and seems to float, adding another dimension.

Can't you almost hear them as they perform with strong clear voices?
The name of this group is "BLISS"

4 Fun

Left to Right:
Marianne Cooke, Annette Murray, Lynne Conley, Barbara Ybarra

4 Fun has been singing together since 2012. Three basses and a baritone from the chorus decided to form a quartet because we all live in Fond du Lac. We've sung on annual shows and for chorus and Christmas gigs. It's always a challenge to decide who will sing which part, but it's all "for fun." Quartet members are:


Lead & Tenor


Annette Murray

Lead & Bass


Lynne Conley

Lead, Tenor, Bari & Bass


Marianne Cooke

Bass & Baritone


Barbara Ybarra

By Design

Left to Right:
Mary Albright, Marianne Cooke, Janice Westphal, Annette Murray

By Design is seen in this photo performing on Sound Celebration's annual show. The quartet, all members of Sound Celebration, formed in the summer of 2014 as a show quartet. After working up a song to sing for chorus Christmas performances, the decision was made to become a registered quartet and to compete in the 2015 Area contest. Quartet members are:




Annette Murray



Janice Westphal



Mary Albright



Marianne Cooke



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