Show 2005
Bahama Harmony

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Setting Sail - "Banana Boat Song"

Setting Sail - Jill's Divorce Story!

Setting Sail - "Fun In Just One Lifetime"

Setting Sail - "Good Old Summertime"

Life Boat Drill - Jill's Consternation!

Life Boat Drill - "Row, Row, Row"

Lounge Show - Lynne's "50% of Senior Citizens have AIDS!"

Lounge Show - Lawrence Welk Show bubbles

Lounge Show - "Chiquita Banana"

Shore Excursion - "Pretty Baby"

Shore Excursion - Marianne knows a crossed teacher who can't
keep her students straight.

Disembarking - "Jamaica Farewell"

Disembarking - "Now Is The Hour"

Disembarking - "Auld Lang Syne"

Finale - "Fun In Just One Lifetime"

Sound Celebration's Very Own Quartet -
Opening Night

Sound Celebration - Back for a few more songs

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