How It All Began...



Back in February of 1965, two women who liked to sing decided to form a women's barbershop singing group. One of the gals had sung in a Sweet Adelines Chorus. We decided we would each call our friends who liked to sing.

Our first rehearsal was held in a living room. There were six of us. We knew we had to have four different voice parts in order to sing barbershop harmony. After testing our voice ranges, we found we did have all four parts — Tenor, which is high soprano; Lead, which is melody; Baritone, like alto; Bass - lowest part.

We rehearsed once a week and grew to be twelve members. Since we outgrew the living room, we had to find a new place to rehearse. We moved to a local church hall, and one of us became our first director.

After a few weeks went by, we decided we should choose a name for our group. After voting, we decided on "The Chord-a-lettes." We also decided on membership dues so we could purchase music and pay our director.

One day a lady, who was working in the kitchen at the church where we rehearsed, heard us singing. She asked us if we would like to sing for her church organization. We decided we would try it and was it ever fun! They liked our sound and gave us a donation.

Naturally, word got out that a new women's singing group had formed! Before long, we were asked to sing for many community functions.

After a year of singing together publicly, we put on our first women's barbershop show. It was held in a local high school auditorium. We had a good crowd of family and friends. We charged admission and used the money to buy our music and costumes.

notesBy 1967, our chorus had grown to twenty-six members. We decided to join an international group of women's barbershop singers known as "Harmony, Inc." We received our charter and have been affiliated with the organization ever since.

Several years ago we changed our name to "Sound Celebration."


Submitted by
Jane Enders (one of the founders)




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